Monday, September 28, 2009


Now I am working in an icon embroidery... Information I will write when I`ll finished it...

Birdie "Garpiju", I have temporarily postponed /// because I wonna finish the embroidery, if God grant it happens this week:)

it is not a lot of news about me so, this week I will go to print a reproduction... And still I wish to embroider a landscape, and probably to pait it by myself...;)

account on livejournal

I`ve opened a new account on livejournal...

Why? I`ve had one, but it had`t growing up so I decided to open new one;)

If at you have there yours аcc))) welcome;)

The Abduction of Psyche

For the last time I`ve done new reproduction on Adolphe William Bouguereau
made in Photoshop CS4 + Painter 9, Wacom intuos3, and 1 week )))
real size: 1/0.5m
I made it for my house and living room )))
hope U like It )))


finishd art )))
About drawing "your subscriber temporarily is not accessible" or the short name "Call":
Symbolises some confusion of the person when he hears words in a tube: "your subscriber temporarily is not accessible", or a fear...
Obviously the young lady called to someone whoes love...
But nobody answer... So she`s upset

hope U like it ;)